Amphenol and the Internet

  • A leading global designer of interconnect solutions

  • Yearly revenues exceed US$1.3 billion

  • Infocom sales exceed 65% of our total revenue

  • Active supplier to all competing networks

        - Mobile

        - Satellite

        - Broadband (HFC)

        - DSL (TP) Network

        - Internet Protocol (IP) Networks

  • Amphenol Internet Team is focused on the Wired Market

  • We provide solutions for Infrastructure, Enterprise Network and Internet Appliances

  • Developing new solutions with higher performance in smaller packages at lower cost

  • Our company is characterized by speed and flexibility

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  • Digital flat panel displays
  • Digital monitors
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Video I/O for high-performance PC
  • Digital TV

  • DVI board-mount connectors
  • DVI cable assemblies and adapters
  • Modular jacks with integrated LED and/or magnetic
  • Modular jacks with integrated LED and/or magnetic
  • USB connectors and cable assemblies
  • IEEE 1394 connectors and cable assemblies

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) products