Cost   Competitiveness 

  • Globalization creates opportunities for cost reductions

  • Amphenol has the most cost competitive structure available
    - Americas use Mexico
    - Europe uses the former East Block
    - Asia uses China and India

  • We utilize Both vertical integration and outsourcing strategies dependent on the requirements from our customers

  • Globally leverage our purchasing power to arrive at the lowest cost

  • Year-on-year agreed cost reduction programs

ASCA Production Line

  • File servers
  • Database servers
  • Application servers
  • E-mail servers
  • Internet servers

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Main Products:
  • Full range of high-speed storage I/O products: SCSI, fiber channel
  • Infiniband connectors and cable assemblies
  • RIMM sockets
  • DDR DIMM sockets
  • Very low skew cables and cable assemblies
  • Wire harness assemblies

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SCSI VHDCI assembles                                     Infiniband cables


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Hi-rel power cables                               SCSI VHDCI receptacle