Delivery  Precision

  • Our customers require sophisticated logistic and delivery systems

  • Our manufacturing facilities offer advanced computer based manufacturing control systems

  • We use “Just in time" delivery programs to serve our customers'  need

  • Flexibility is essential, our customers' need are dynamic and delivery volumes and locations change from day to day

  • We are ready to support our customer with accurate on-time deliveries

wpe51.jpg (6164 bytes) Applications:
  • Desktop personal computers
  • Lap-top and note-book computers
  • Computer peripherals
Main Products:
  • Full range of computer I/O connectors: USB, IEEE 1394, D-sub, mini-DIN, SCSI, modular jacks, Centronics,,,
  • Board-mount headers and sockets
  • Flat ribbon cable assemblies
  • Over-molded I/O cable assemblies
  • Wire harness assemblies


Computer I/O connectors


11.jpg (4723 bytes)

Parallel ultra ATA cable