Development  Competence

  • Amphenol develops unique and innovative new products for diverse markets

  • We design application-specific solutions

  • Engineering talents around the world to design to local needs

  • We use the latest 3-D modeling tools such as Pro-Engineer and SDRC-IDEAS with simulation software and test concepts for electrical, mechanical and environmental performance

  • Electronic switching systems
  • Digital PABX
  • Voice/data transmission systems
  • Carrier-class telecom equipment
  • Internet telephony
Main Products:
  • 2mm hard metric connector system
  • DIN41612 connectors
  • Filtered I/O connectors
  • RF coaxial connectors
  • Micro-ribbon connectors

  4.jpg (8602 bytes)

Combo D-sub                                                    Filtered coax


Sub-mini & micro-mini RF connectors


6.jpg (27208 bytes)

Hard metric connector system                    Filtered terminal block